‘Will boycott arrested if they are guilty’


By Sangamesh Menasinakai – HUBLI

04th September 2012 09:50 AM

“Islam doesn’t allow anti-national and anti-social activities,” said Idara-EQuidmath- E-Khalq Moulana Sayyed Ahmed Raza, president, union of local moulavis on Monday.

He told Express, “We are shameful that youths having Muslim names were suspected and we appeal to our people to lead a life that doesn’t raise suspicion. In fact, Islam never promotes violence but promotes peace, protection, brotherhood and love,” he explained.

He, however, denied that Muslims were being suspected by other communities. Raza said the local Muslim community will boycott the arrested youths if charges against them are proved.

“We have faith in the police, judiciary and government. We only request that the judicial procedures should speed up. If charges are proved, then culprits should be punished, if not they should be released at the earliest to avoid possible damage to their lives,” he added.

Meanwhile, he requested the Hindus not to have misconception about Muslims and members of the community.

Community Regrets Turn of Events

When Express visited Azad Nagar in Keshwapur in Hubli, where many Muslims reside, many from the community regretted over the involvement of five Muslim youths in terror activities.

According to many, Hubli has always nurtured unity among communities.

Civil Engineer Sayyed Rafiq Kittur admitted that Muslims have greater respect in India compared with any other countries in the world.

“We have been reciprocating our respect to the nation since the struggle for freedom. We have never let down the pride of India. Nation’s security is our priority. No element can break Hindu- Muslim binding,” he added.

BJP President of district unit of Minority Morcha Imtiyaz Ahmed Mulla said, “The Muslim community prefers security, happiness and love for the nation.”


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