This India wants to see I-Day fete


By Sangamesh Menasinakai

12th August 2011 02:52 AM

Leh (J&K) :  When India is gearing up to celebrate its 65th Independence Day, the family of an ‘India’ from Gosport, England, is here to witness the event.

This ‘India’ is an England-born girl studying in the seventh standard at Gosport. What attracted her parents to name their daughter India? “I selected the name, for we like Indian dishes, culture and people very much,” says Caleste, the mother of India. “As we are very much impressed by the architecture found in Hampi temples and multi-faceted culture of the country, we did choose the name for our only daughter,” says Ian, father of India and a mathematics teacher at British Royal Navy College, Gosport.

Ian and Caleste frequently visited India in the last 14 years, staying here for 4-8 weeks each time. “We visited India for about 10 times,” says Caleste.

Ian says Bangalore, Mangalore, Gokarna, Madurai, Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi and Darjiling are his favourite spots. “India was the first foreign country I visited at the age of three,” says the little India.

India has the habit of making paintings of the picturesque spots she visits. She asks her parents to stop the vehicle and starts painting whenever she wants. “I am very much interested in making landscapes, and India is best destination for that,” says India.

She made paintings of 10 places like Kullu Manali, Rohtang and Koksar in the last two weeks. The family is now staying in Leh. India is preparing an album of her works and related information for her own reference, with an active support from her parents. India feels embarrassed when her classmates make fun of her name. “Many of them ask me whether I was born in India, I tell them that though India is not my mother land, I espect it.” she says.

She also says that she has got some close friends who are of Indian origin at school. And she is a good fan of bollywood movies who never loses the opportunity to attend Indian cultural programmes in England and on her India visits. “I am thinking of learning Kathakkali dance,” she adds.

Though Ian and Caleste faced some problems from some people during their visits here, they says such things happen everywhere in the world, including             England.


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