Stay away from Hubli, says Tibetan administration


By Sangamesh Menasinakai – MUNDGOD ( KARWAR )

17th August 2012 10:41 AM

Tibetans living here for the past half century look cool and calm from outside, but once you gain their confidence and ask how they are feeling you will see the tension and fear they are living in.

When Express visited Mundgod in Tattihalli villages where 15,000 Tibetans live in nine camps, it found that they are wandering in groups and prefer to stay at homes.

Stanzin, a monk who lives in Camp-3 said that Tibetans do not have any threats from the people of Mundgod but for the last 20 days they fear to visit Hubli. “As two to three monks were attacked at a hotel in station road, Hubli, we feel that we are being targeted by a particular community,” he added.

“As our Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay was to visit Hubli and Mundgod on August 2, we did not file a complaint with the police. After that our people, especially women have complained of harassment. There have been reports of beating and slapping. As the incidents are very minor in nature, our people are hesitant to report it to the police. But we have been sharing such instances among ourselves to alert others. There was also an instance when a lone monk who was attacked in Mundgod,” said Representative of Central Tibetan Administration Sonam Tenzing.

Ruban, a Class V student said that his parents have stopped going to Hubli for their business. “They are talking about some threats and insisting that I do not to talk to strangers,” he added innocently.

An elderly woman who lives in Camp 7 said that she has asked her daughter, who is pursuing Bachelor degree in Mysore, to return after a Tibetan was stabbed there on August 13. “Not only my daughter, all students studying in Mysore and Bangalore have returned home for a while,” she revealed.

Sources in Tibetan Settlement Office added that over 100 students have returned  home for safety reasons.

Sonam told Express, “Now we have issued certain instructions like not to visit Hubli without any genuine or emergency work. And if one needs to visit Hubli, one should go in a group and not  talk to strangers.”

People have been instructed to remain calm when someone uses derogatory words. “Just finish your work and return safely — this is our word to our people,” he said. He mentioned that police in Mundgod and in Hubli-Dharwad have assured all kinds of  assistance.

“We have to be alert at all times as no government can provide full time security to each person,” Sonam remarked.


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