Sriramulu launches ‘Hunger for Answers’


By Sangamesh Menasinakai

14th March 2012 02:13 AM

GADAG: Former minister and independent MLA B Sriramulu, said that successive governments neglected North Karnataka (N-K) region and categorised the state into two — one prosperous and the other which is craving for attention.

At the two-day ‘Hunger strike  for Answers’, where the MLA bombarded the state and Union governments with 108 questions, he primarily targeted the state government for not developing the N-K region.

He said that though N-K had sufficient manpower and natural resources, its residents lacked jobs, proper education and shelter.

He also blamed the state government for not providing the region with basic infrastructure like water, shelter, roads and seeds and fertilisers for farmers. “The current government has no time to listen to the grievances and solely depends on bureaucrats sitting in air-conditioned rooms and show progress only on paper,” he fumed. Regretting that the state government failed to implement the D M Nanjundappa Report even after 10 years of its submission, he said that successive governments failed to work for the development of the state.


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