Hindi being neglected in high schools in state


By Sangamesh Menasinakai

13th September 2011 02:33 AM

BELGAUM : Hindi, which is now being compulsorily used by all Central government departments, is being neglected by the state in the field of education.

Though the entire nation is celebrating September 14 as Hindi Day, the education department has restricted itself to not observe the Day. The state has over 60,000 schools including 4,700 high schools, but has appointed only one officer to the Bangalore division, which involves 11 educational districts to look after teaching Hindi.

It can be noted that there are subject inspectors for even B-part subjects (not meant for board exams) like Physical Education at all 203 blocks, but Hindi subject inspector posts at all 33 educational districts and four educational divisions are vacant for many years.

An official attached to the Belgaum joint director office, said that such posts have not been created at DDPI offices till date. Because of such a situation, Hindi teachers are left unattended in the department.

“If we face any doubt in the subject, we have nobody to approach to,” says Nirmala Shettar, a Hindi teacher in a government high school. Another teacher says that officials suggest Hindi teachers to contact Urdu subject inspectors to get their doubts clarified. Rather than this, Hindi has been kept out from remedial teaching in schools. It is also out from Radio lessons, which will be broadcasting from All India Radio Bangalore for SSLC                  students.

Krishna Bakale, a recently appointed teacher finds another practice in the department. “If there is no Hindi teacher in the school, then officials instruct Urdu teachers, if available in the school, to handle the subject,” he says.

Of course, Hindi was restricted to 50 marks two decades ago and it was neglected by other subject teachers and students as well. When it was extended to 100 marks, the government then began recruitment of Hindi teachers. However, eligibility of Hindi teachers is being questioned by experts. An official attached to Human Resource Department, who conducted training for High School teachers in the state, opines that the knowledge of teachers is very low as they are being appointed on degrees given by Hindi Prachar Sabhas. “Candidate who has passed 12 standard and completed Hindi exams, which are equivalent to Under Graduation of main stream university, can join Hindi BEd course and become a teacher in high schools. When he has not attended a three year degree course, how can the candidate handle high school students?” he asks.

The examinations conducted by Hindi Sabhas, is held with malpractices openly without any time restriction! “Because of such practices, even Hindi teachers can’t speak pure Hindi,” remarks a Hindi professor.

When it comes to PU Course, most of the colleges, including government owned ones, do not offer Hindi as there is dearth of lecturers.


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