Head to Gokak


By Sangamesh M

21st August 2011 03:39 AM

  • A view of ropeway and falls.
    A view of ropeway and falls.

BELGAUM: With heavy rain in the region, Gokak falls in Belgaum district has come alive again this season as the red Ghataprabha has been leaping down the 170-ft drop, attracting visitors. The falls, which is just 5 km from Gokak town, attracts around 2.5 lakh tourists every year.

The river gets its red tinge from the red soil (masari) a feature of the region.

A walk along the 200-metre rope way across the river affords an imposing view of the entire 177-metre breadth of the falls. Gokak Forbes Company (GFC), which generated power for its industrial needs, is said to have built the rope way. And it was here that electricity was first generated in the country in 1887, when GFC, Dhupadal Dam and Gokak Road railway were also established. Added attractions are Chalukya era monuments and the Mahalingeshwar Temple.


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