Damning revelations in AMC charge-sheet against Reddy


By Sangamesh Menasinakai / ENS – HUBLI:

10th July 2012 10:49 AM

Criminal conspiracy to commit cheating, trespass, forgery, falsifying accounts, theft of iron ore from forest areas, looting iron ore worth Rs 480 crore from others’ lease-held areas and the involvement of officials, including an IAS officer, are some of the highlights of a charge sheet filed against Gali Janardhana  Reddy, his wife G Laxmi Aruna, whose name finds mention for the first time, and five others, by the Anti-Corruption Bureau of the CBI in Bangalore.

In the charge sheet, a 50-page report, a  copy of which is available with Express, Investigation Officer T V Joy also mentions the names of then director of Mines and Geology and IAS officer M E Shivalinga Murthy, Deputy Conservator of Forest S Muthaiah, Reddy’s former personal assistant M Ali Khan – who is also a partner of Devi Enterprises – the then deputy director of Mines and Geology Hospet S P Raju and Sandur Range Forest Officer Mahesh Patil; their misdeeds are explained in detail.As per the report, which was submitted to a special judge for CBI cases, Associated Mining Company (AMC) was taken over by Reddy and Aruna and they were inducted as partners on July 7, 2009, while former partners Parvathamma and K M Vishwanath retired the very next day.

Shivalinga Murthy had issued mineral dispatch permits illegally to the Reddy couple, who claimed that they excavated 6.28 lakh million tonnes of ore between August 1, 2009, and March 22, 2010. A report pointed out that the same couple had excavated during July 22, 2009 and April 21, 2012.In paragraph six, the report states that Ali Khan had instructed the managing director of Vijay Mining and Infra Corp Pvt Ltd to deploy machinery at the surrendered area of Lakshmi Narayana Mining Company  and in the area of Ramgad Minerals and Pvt Ltd (also known as Dalmia Mines) to extract iron ore without any authorising letter. It is revealed that over 13 lakh million tonnes of iron ore was transported illegally from Dalmia Mines.

It is found that Reddy and Ali Khan forcibly extracted more than one lakh tonnes of ore.  The report calculates that AMC has stolen ore worth `480 crore by leasing areas of other companies.


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