Bhagyalaxmi: officials in a fix again


By Sangamesh M

04th July 2011 02:57 AM

BELGAUM: Bhagyalaxmi applicants and officials of Woman and Child Development are again in a state of confusion over the new criteria for issue of bonds.

One can recall that the government stated in March last that Below Poverty Line (BPL) card is mandatory for all applicants, including those who had applied in 2009 and 2010. Parents and opposition parties expressed strong objection to the order.

The department asked applicants to submit the documents including BPL cards once again. Some parents wrote letters to the government, saying that if government has made the BPL card compulsory while receiving applications, they would not have applied for the same.

One can remember that BPL cards are not distributed to all poor families of the state. There are some allegations that cards were distributed to families that are not eligible.

However, Woman and Child Development Department Minister CC Patil clarified that BPL card is compulsory for new applicants, who applied after April 2011.

After this statement, old applicants relaxed and waited for the bonds. But now officials of the department are themselves in confusion about BPL cards for old applicants.

A source from the department said they have not received any order about what CC Patil told the media.

The department itself is in confusion if old applicants without BPL cards should be considered or not.

However, Deputy Director of the department KH Obalappa assured that the department will receive an order from the government in this regard and applied who applied before April 2011, will get bonds though they do not have BPL cards.


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