Paddy worsthit crop in state


The New Indian Express

By Sangamesh Menasinakai

30th November 2010 03:41 AM

BELGAUM: As the farmers’ associations in the district are fighting to get compensation for their crop loss due to the recent incessant rain, the government is still busy conducting survey of the damaged crops.

According to a preliminary report of the Agricultural Department, paddy is the worsthit crop. Paddy, sugar cane, groundnut, potato, onion, soyabean, cotton and vegetables are major crops that have been damaged.

T J Malgoudnavar, a farmer from Elimunoli village in Hukkeri taluk, says: "We expect very little yield of all crops as compared to last year. We are still confused about the compensation as the rain has not stopped and we can’t estimate our losses. If the government cannot pay compensation for crop in the fields, who will address the woes of farmers?"

Khanapur taluk, a major paddy producer, has suffered the highest loss in district. Shankar Langati of Beedi village, who owns two acres, says that standing paddy has fallen and has become unfit for harvesting.

However, Langati proudly says that as he is an organic farmer, his loss has decreased by around 50 per cent compared to his chemical farming counterparts. "As my soil was fertile and the crop was good, I could harvest it and sell it in the market," he added.

S M Patil, another organic farmer in Athani, does not find any difference between the losses incurred in organic and chemical fields. According to his observation, grape is a major crop in the taluk, which does not require rain in this season.

A farmer of Chikodi taluk opines that all farmers were not affected. This means the government has to identify the real victims, he said.


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