Were they real fans?


Letter to the Editor:

With reference to A.Surya Prakash’s article “Raj Kumar a lightning rod and firewall” (VT April 27), I think writer has not observed the situation thoroughly, of disturbances at the time of Dr.Raj’s demise by his so-called fans. Because on that day policemen were very patient. Ofcourse, the government was failed to make proper arrangements to regulate the movement of his fans and to enable  them to pay their respects to departed hero; was the way to responding by attacking on police, government and private property?
One could watch the Kannada channels about police men’s behaviour, where they were very passive to control the mob. If police had desired, they could have killed several people. Instead of that they faced critical condition without caring their lives!

Dr.Raj had fans’ club not only from Karnataka, from all over India. Even in abroad also we can find the deep fans of him. But riots happened in Bangalore only. Here one can assume that they were not real fans of Annavru.     If all fans were followed the same, then whole Karnataka would have become funeral ground!

So if one wants to criticize the police, in this case, so-called fans’ attitude should also be criticized.
28-04-2006                                                                         -Sangamesh Menasinakai

(note: unedited version, it was published in Letters to the editor of VIJAY TIMES dtd 05-05-2006)


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