We want bicycles!


Bicycles abscondoned! This is not an advertisement of any local paper or local channel. This is the slogan of VIII-standard students studying in government and aided schools of the state.
The co-alliation government had started a new scheme of providing bicycles to students of standard-VIII of government schools. Initially it was restricted for girls itself. Budget allocation for this was Rs.35 crores for 1.75 lakh bicycles. Earlier it was told that cycles would be supplied to the girls, who come to the school from long distance. But it was difficult to find out such students, as the high schools have been opened in many villages. Later Below Poverty Line cards were the criteria to sanction the bicycles. And the scheme was extended to boys also at the end of the academic year and the no. Of the bicycles was increased into 4,70,000.
Indian Bicycle manufacturers Association (IBMA) questioned the tendering process. As the government had announced the cost of a cycle Rs.2,030 and Rs. 2,300, it was smelled a rat in the whole scheme. The parents as well as public had expressed a doubt about the quality of the bicycles. IBMA had blamed that the government of Karnataka has completely violated the guidelines of Central Vigilance Commission and World Bank. According to IBMA, the Karnataka government could have saved Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 if small and medium size manufacturers were allowed to participate in the tender.
What ever, recently the government has issued an order telling ration cards should not be produced to avail any government facilities alike. So VIII-standard students of the current year are eagerly waiting for the bicycles with their caste and income certificates. But the Department of Public Instruction as well as government is acting like blind in this regard.
Reason? Every one knows that the present situation of the government!

-Sangamesh Menasinakai


Fotos by- Sangamesh Menasinakai
Fotos Files attached: bicycles1 (a file foto)
bicycles2 (a file foto)


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