Hats off to ‘COMMUNICATOR’


Letters to the Editor:

I felt very pleased to read the article “India’s immediate response to a distress call” (April 25). India has shown it’s pity towards countries like Sri Lanka & Maldives, through out the history. And it has secure respectful place in the history of other countries’ also.

I but one thing we should remember that India always sacrificed and lost a lot, by such helps itself. As India sent ‘Indian Peace Keeping Force’ to Sri Lanka in 1987, the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was attempted to kill by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam’s militants. Though  India did not stop it’s helping  against mercenaries. As the result of this, Rajiv Gandhi was killed by the LTTE.

Ramamohan Rao has related the  Operation Cactus with his daughter Smita’s  marriage. One should learn this way of remembering our personal happenings, so that we can make our birth day, wedding anniversaries memorable  with the national/global happenings.

25-04-2006                                                                       -Sangamesh Menasinakai,

(note: unedited version, it was published in Sunday supplement of VIJAY TIMES dtd 29-04-2006)


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