corporal pinishment part-2


Yes, it is 100% justified! One should remember, no man could achieve or gain without an external pressure. This is universal truth. As a teacher I say loudly for 100 times that corporal punishment in schools is justified. The psychiatrists, educationist-those who are protesting the corporal punishment, are just repeating lessons of their textbooks! They don’t deserve practical knowledge about the school environment. They think all children come from ideal family/social environment, which is absolutely away from the truth. Do you know? If a lady teacher is smart enough by external appearance, boy students of 5th-6th    standard will dream about romance with her! If a gents teacher is handsome enough, girl student of 7th – 8th wants to propose him! If we behave friendly or try to understand/solve their problems they will take us granted. Of course, one should agree that a teacher should move friendly with students, but there should be a thin layer between teachers and students.
Here I should mention a quote of an educationist- a teacher should beat the students by hand but love by heart. So the feel of the beat will remain for some minutes and love will remain forever.
My grand father Late Gurubasappa, who had learnt standard-VI, in a small village, used to say- “when corporal punishment was accepted by society in our school days, we used to concentrate our mind on studies despite of poverty and lack of facilities. Now I can challenge the graduates in subjects like Kannada, Mathematics and English. I find today’s students in studying at bachelor degree level, can not write or read their mother tongue properly!”
Just show me a parent, who has parented his children without punishing physically. Is there any mother, who has shown her affection and concern to her child without beating at least for once? Then how could a teacher teach the student without punishing directly?    Is there any possibility for a sculpture to make a statue without hammer and chisel?
Do you know? There is a reference in this regard, in manu smruthi also. It is mentioned that, the accused student has to serve Guru patni (teacher’s wife) for 15 days, he has to bring wood from forest, he has to have meals for once per day etc.
I agree there are many examples of punishing pupils in bad manner. A teacher should understand that his punishment must evolve students by mentally as well as physically. I protest the corporal punishment, if it makes long time or permanent effect on student’s mind or body. If the intention of the punishment is to achieve all round development among the children, then I hope none problem will arise.
The Department of Public Instruction has to think thoroughly before making it as circular. If it banns the corporal punishment, I request not take any action on teachers if low result is achieved.
So, for the department as well as government- this is the right time to understand the meaning of   A stitch in time saves nine!

-Sangamesh Menasinakai

(For your kind information-I am a govt high school teacher in a small village)


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