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We received an overwhelming response to last week’s debate on corporal punishment. While a majority of respondents were totally opposed to it, a few voted for the cane. We publish below a few of the responses.

The cane is fine
Yes, it is 100 % justified! Psychiatrists and educationists who are against corporal punishment don’t have any practical knowledge about the school environment.

Is there any mother, who has shown her affection and concern for her child without beating him or her at least once? How can a teacher teach without punishing students once in a while?

I am against corporal punishment if it has a long-term effect on the student’s mind or body. If the intention of the punishment is to achieve all round development of the children, then there should be no problem.

The Department of Public Instruction has to think thoroughly before making it a rule. If it bans corporal punishment, I request that no action is taken on teachers if results are poor.
Sangamesh Menasinakai, Gadag

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    hi, just been to chilly’s home…
    really excited..keep bloging ur articles. am happy to read.
    if possible blog kannada articles also…
    any way gr8..work!

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