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about ACCIDENT a Kannada movie

April 3, 2008

Recently Kannada film industry has not seen such a story. It is a plus point. We have seen Devaraj, Ambarish and others in such characters, But not Ramesh. There was a curiosity that how can Ramesh act in thriller movie. But Ramesh has met expectations. He has done good job. One can find that Ramesh’s face is suitable for characters like lover boy, homely characters like husband, brother etc. But in this movie Ramesh has come out from his regular image and he has shown something extra talent. He has expanded his job in the industry.
But no scope for heroines in this film. One is reserved for flash back and another is meant for just one of the companions! Ofcourse that may be a limitation of the story. Pooja could have been used for detective work to support the hero.
More deaths make audience bored. It seems that Story-writer has thought more deaths create more suspense, thrill among the audience. Any one can point on Saakamma’s death, that it was absolutely not necessary.
Audience feel at many steps that suspense is over. But Savanth(Ramesh) him-self says- story is not yet over. It seems very direct speech, which shows de-merit of a narrator. Story-writer could have done more home work on the whole story. Except a club song, film seems to be considered as family movie.
Cinematography is ok. Music no problem.
All effort is of soft-ware guys. Though they are strangers to the industry, have tried to show ‘perfectness’!